search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is the process of earning traffic or visibility from the search engines. It can be broken down into two categories:

Search Engine Optimization- the process of gaining visibility for “free” through your organic efforts.

Pay Per Click- the process of gaining traffic and visibility by purchasing ads from the search engines.Search Engine Marketing Nashville- Forest Home Media

At Forest Home Media, we see the value in both types of search engine marketing. Every strategic plan we develop for our clients is designed to boost search engine optimization or SEO. This is the free stuff. No pay per click here. This is the content from your website or blog that bubbles to the top when people are searching for your business’ key words. We will work with you to identify the strongest key words and phrases that will convert prospects into leads and leads into customers. Then, we will create content around those key words which is relevant, engaging and meaningful. We will also do a little behind the scenes work too and weave it all together to build your online presence. See how that works?

Building your online presence takes time, patience and persistent efforts. Search engines are always changing their search formulas and algorithms, so SEO is an ongoing process. In the meantime, we can use Google Ad words, pay per click campaigns to make your site start showing up on search engine results pages immediately. If your business is local, we have some proven methods for making your local business show up ONLY to the people that live in the areas you want to do business in.  Even if your website is showing up well organically, it’s still a smart marketing move to keep up a pay per click campaign for the key words that make you the most money. Sound confusing? We can help you figure it all out. We’d love to talk with you about search engine optimization and search engine marketing. You can reach us HERE.