Periscope Marketing 101

There’s a potential game-changer in the world of marketing and technology now in its third week since being released called Periscope. Twitter introduced the new live streaming app and Forest Home Media is committing to broadcasting useful PR/marketing tips for the next two weeks! We’ve outlined our topics at the end of this blog.  If you haven’t heard of Periscope yet and need to know more, CLICK HERE for a great tutorial.

The Forest Home Media team thinks this live streaming opportunity will continue to develop and be a great avenue for companies and events to provide their own voice.  (And, we can’t even fathom what happens during breaking news.) As you stick your toes in the water of this new technology, here are some tips as you get started.

Nancy McNulty, Periscope, Forest Home Media

Our first Periscope broadcast was a test run at the Nashville Symphony Show House, being built by Castle Homes and open for tour June 12-28.

Periscope Signage, Forest Home Media, Nashville, TN

Using signage helps viewers connect with you post Periscope broadcast.

Periscope Marketing Tips

Let’s start with the assumption you’ve already downloaded the app to your iPhone. (Plans for Android are in the works so stay tuned.) Here are our first steps toward your first successful broadcast. And, be sure you start with your phone fully charged!

  1. As with any new social media channel, from Instagram to Pinterest, you want to go ahead and grab your username before yours is taken. Once you’ve acquired your name, place your finger over the content to easily edit the information that was imported from your Twitter account. Be sure you add your website if applicable. At this time, the option to revise your name doesn’t exist.
  2. Don’t press Broadcast button unless you are ready!  We’ve watched a national mag do this and several other folks have made this mistake. Maybe one of us…but we’ll never tell!
  3. Go ahead and find folks to follow.  We’d love for you to give Nancy McNulty, Dana Tucker, Geinger Hill and Forest Home Media a follow to keep up with the latest! When first logging in, we did NOT follow everybody we follow on Twitter.  You’ll be overwhelmed. Take a look at our list or someone else’s for inspiration. My list is media/blogger/public influencers heavy and Dana Tucker is on the search for bloggers & other creative types. I’ve also been intrigued by a British guy named Mark Shaw. He’s been broadcasting some great Periscope tips. (Be sure you turn off your notifications or sound especially if you’re following people in international time zones – ie. – Mark Shaw woke me up in the middle of the night!)
  4. Contemplate offering content in your broadcast that is helpful, interesting and supports your brand or identity. The first week of what’s in your fridge or purse is waning. And actually, if you are broadcasting and someone asks that, it’s considered code for you are boring people!
  5. Select a name or headline for your broadcast that offers an explanation and be sure to deliver on that title. As with blog titles, it is a good idea to use a list, like top 5 ideas, etc. Also a good idea is “find out, how to, mistakes not to make.” Again, what’s a topic that works for you – consider yourself a brand. We are also hashtagging all our broadcasts #ForestHomeMedia because we will be sending out an auto tweet from Periscope to promote the broadcast. (Highlight the twitter icon on the bottom right as you prepare to broadcast.)
  6. Outline your broadcast and do a quick rehearsal if you can.  It makes your broadcast more professional. We did this before offering a tour of the construction of the Nashville Symphony Show House.
  7. Signage – Identify who you are in the broadcast or how to find you. We used our iPad to display during the Nashville Symphony Show House First Look broadcast and to cross-reference Castle Homes and Forest Home Media Remember, if you reverse the screen, your sign will be reversed.  Several folks have hand written their websites and handles backward.  You can do better by using a free app to reverse it or check your printer options.
  8. Save your broadcast.  Upon finishing your broadcast, you have the option to save it to your phone.  Dana Tucker has already taken a cute broadcast of her son trying to swim already (ummm, it’s April, Zane!) and she posted it to Facebook.
  9. If you are broadcasting from your home, you probably don’t want to turn the location arrow to the far left off. However, be sure you indicate your city in the headline so folks have a connection.
  10. This just in….Twitter has updated so you can now change your photo on Periscope.  Go to the App Store, update Twitter, update your picture, log out of Periscope, log in and you should have your photo instead of the egg icon.

We’ve been intrigued by these Periscope Marketing elements:

  • When you join a broadcast and if it is not too full and you are able to comment, you are color-coded and it matches the hearts to the right you give broadcasters. You can watch post broadcast and it will register your view and you can also give hearts.  The broadcast remains live for 24 hours.
  • Finally, beware, live stream broadcasting can be a huge draw on your monthly data which is why we will be spreading the two-week commitment between three staffers.

If you have anything you want us to address via Periscope over the next two weeks, feel free to email us at

For the next two weeks, from Thursday, April 16 until April 30, one or more Forest Home Media team members will be broadcasting live on Periscope and here is the schedule of topics.  It is also possible something will come up news worthy during this period of time and we will be notifying you via our Facebook page of any changes in the broadcast schedule.  (We sound all HGTV fancy!) And, don’t forget, this is emerging technology with continuous changes. You do need to update your app from time-to-time. Be sure and let us know when you are broadcasting so we can follow back and don’t forget to tweet out your broadcast & promote on Facebook!

Dana Tucker, Periscope Promo Pic, Forest Home Media

Be sure you click on the Twitter icon to post your broadcast on Periscope as you go live. We created a custom photo & posted on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter as well.



Periscope #9 Marketing Tips #Nashville #ForestHomeMedia

Broadcasters/Time: Nancy McNulty/Dana Tucker/Geinger Hill – 4:00 p.m.



Periscoping With A Self-Stick – How To’s #Nashville #ForestHomeMedia

Broadcaster/Time: Geinger Hill – 11 a.m.



Live from #Nashville Film Festival With Entertainment Reporter Kelly Sutton


Broadcaster/Time: Nancy McNulty – 1:30 p.m.



Vintage #Home Décor Pop-Sale #Nashville #ForestHomeMedia

Broadcaster/Time: Dana Tucker – 1 p.m.



Debating Best #Nashville Business Lunch Spot #ForestHomeMedia

Broadcaster/Time: Dana Tucker – 10:45 a.m.



Photo Do’s & Don’ts at #Nashville Symphony Show House #ForestHomeMedia

Broadcaster/Time: Nancy  McNulty – 1:30 p.m.



Tour #Nashville Lakeside Personal Home of Custom Builder #ForestHomeMedia

Broadcaster/Time: Dana Tucker – 11:30 a.m.


What’s A Marketing Cross-Promote? #Nashville Symphony Show House

Broadcaster/Time: Nancy McNulty – 5:30 p.m.



Live #Nashville #Ryman Steps With Vintage Jewelry Artisan – Marketing How To’s #ForestHomeMedia

Broadcasters/Time: Nancy McNulty/Dana Tucker – 6:30 p.m.



Create Custom Graphics With Canva #Nashville #ForestHomeMedia

Broadcaster/Time: Geinger Hill – 1 p.m.



Live Country Living Magazine Fair #Nashville #ForestHomeMedia

Broadcasters/Time: Nancy McNulty/Dana Tucker – Throughout day



#Nashville Recording Studio Marketing #ForestHomeMedia

Broadcaster/Time: Geinger Hill – 2 p.m.

*Addition Periscope broadcasts may be added.  Again, stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates.

Win Tickets to Nashville’s Country Living Fair

As home lifestyle marketing specialists, it’s our pleasure and duty to keep you informed of all things amazing in this exciting industry. Along those lines, we’re excited to be partnering with the Nashville Influencers group and Country Living for your chance to win tickets to the Country Living Fair happening April 24-26 at the James E. Ward Agricultural Center in Lebanon, TN.Country Living Fair in Nashville TN

Country Living Fair

The Country Living Fair brings the magazine’s content to life and gives readers access to a unique shopping experience featuring more than 150 vendors offering antiques, gifts, home décor, jewelry and more. Guests will also have access to cooking, crafting, and DIY demonstrations and will be able to sample locally-sourced, artisanal food.Mike Wolf at Country Living Fair in Nashville TN

Mike Wolfe, star of HISTORY’s “American Pickers”, best-selling author, Country Living contributor and creator/owner of Antique Archeology will make a special appearance at the Fair on Saturday, April 25. Mike will join Country Living editor-in-chief Rachel Hardage Barrett on the Main Stage at 1 p.m. for a discussion on antiques and collecting; followed by an audience Q & A. Mike will also sign copies of his book ‘Art of The Pick’ from 2-3 p.m.

And one of Nancy McNulty’s personal favorites: Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, of Cooking Channel’s “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” will also appear on Saturday, April 25 at 11 a.m. on the Kitchen Stage, and afterwards they will sign copies of their cookbooks ‘Heirloom Vegetables’ and ‘Heirloom Desserts’.

Other Fair guests include Cari Cucksey, star of HGTV’s “Cash & Cari” and Joanne Palmisano, contributing DIY NETWORK designer, stylist and author of two ‘Salvage Secrets’ Design books.

Now for the fun part. We have two tickets to giveaway to the Country Living Fair including early bird access on Friday AND Saturday. All you have to do to register is FOLLOW FOREST HOME MEDIA ON FACEBOOK and share this post on social media. Please leave a comment on this post with your email address to let us know you shared the post. We will choose one winner at random from all qualified entries on Monday, April 13th.

If you are a home, garden or food blogger and want to be part of our Nashville Influencers group send us an email

We can’t wait to see you at the Country Living Fair!

Geinger Hill New Forest Home Media Marketing Coordinator


FRANKLIN, Tenn. (February 9, 2015)—Nashville area home lifestyle public relations and marketing firm, Forest Home Media, is expanding with the addition of Geinger Hill as a marketing coordinator.Geinger Hill, Forest Home Media, Franklin, TN

Hill, a Franklin resident, will assist in social media management, blogging and video content development while expanding in-house client photography and graphic arts services.

A Southern Illinois University business management and marketing graduate, she was previously a marketing project leader for Great American Opportunities, Inc. In addition to her work for Forest Home Media, she is a freelance photographer with work featured in various print and social media outlets including This Old House, Romantic Country Homes, Nashville Lifestyles, Greater Nashville House & Home, Today’s Homes, Nashville Lifestyles and The Tennessean.

Forest Home Media is an integrated marketing company founded by Dana Tucker and Nancy McNulty specializing in the home lifestyle industry for home, garden and food related businesses. Their work recently earned national recognition for the marketing of Carbine & Associates’ Operation FINALLY HOME build in Kings’ Chapel community. Forest Home Media has served on the PR team for the national Southern Living Idea House, the HGTV Smart Home, Nashville area holiday Parade of Homes and the spring 2015 Nashville Southern Living Showcase Home. For more information, visit



Home Project Earns National Sales And Marketing Awards

Helping promote and market the build of a custom home for a decorated war veteran has to be one of the most rewarding projects in the history of Forest Home Media to date. We were doubly thrilled when this build earned for client Carbine & Associates two national awards recently with Forest Home Media’s marketing efforts included in the honor.

Operation FINALLY HOME, Carbine & Associates, Arrington, TN

A French Country home with Tudor accents, the Operation FINALLY HOME project earned two national sales and marketing awards for builder Carbine & Associates and included Forest Home Media in the honor. (Photo by Geinger Hill)


The National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) National Sales and Marketing Council (NSMC) salutes and honors the best in the building industry for their determination, integrity, creativity and endurance through their The Nationals award program.


The Nationals are the most prestigious awards of their kind, setting the benchmark for innovations in new home design, marketing and sales said Christy Beck, chairperson of the Nationals.


“NAHB’s commitment to recognizing originality, imagination and success has been exemplified by its award winners since the competition’s inception,” Beck said.


Forest Home Media Partner Nancy McNulty, who was part of the PR team for the project, said watching Carbine & Associates marshal so many volunteers while witnessing the construction of the beautiful, four-bedroom French Country home with Tudor accents in the gated community of Kings’ Chapel was awe inspiring.


Carbine customized the home to the family’s needs for Luke who suffers from severe PSTD and a brain tumor. Van Dorston joined the US Air Force in Feb 2002, flew 140 combat missions, involved in more than 64 direct action raids and directed 194 Close Air Support Missions, served at the Interservice Military Free Fall School where he trained over 500 Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Allied Force special operators. He was involved in combat engagements earning him two bronze stars, one with valor for heroism.

Award Winning Project

The project earned a Judge’s Special Award of Excellence and a Silver Award for Building Industry Community Spirit Award.

Forest Home Media, National Silver Award, Nashville, TN

Project builder Daryl Walny, Carbine & Associates, with Operation FINALLY HOME recipient retired SSGT Luke Van Dorston and Forest Home Media Partner Nancy McNulty.

At the end of the day, this beautiful, young family has begun a new chapter in their lives with an incredible custom home in a gorgeous and welcoming community.

Forest Home Media, OFH with Kix Brooks, Arrington, TN

Country music legend Kix Brooks escorted the Van Dorston’s to their new home in Kings’ Chapel built by Carbine & Associates. (Photo by Geinger Hill)

Forest Home Media Year In Review

We are counting our blessings this holiday season cause it’s been a huge year for us at Forest Home Media!

From wonderful creative partnerships with HGTV, Operation Finally Home, Carmen Johnston Gardens and the Parade of Homes to amazing friendships renewed, discovered and celebrated, we wanted to express our gratefulness to you all! Thank you for allowing us to share in the wonders of your lives and accomplishments!

From our homes to yours, we wish you and your families a safe and joyous season!

And…come on along with us in 2015….it’s going to be a fun ride!







PR Field Trip To TN Governor’s Residence

We’re all about the home….garden and food! As home lifestyle industry PR/marketing professionals, Forest Home Media took some #influencers on the ultimate Tennessee home field trip last week – the Governor’s Residence in Nashville with a tour by First Lady Crissy Haslam. We love grabbing our creative friends for fun outings and were happy to have along garden lifestyle expert Carmen Johnston, Nashville Entertainment Journalist and TV Host Kelly Sutton and NYC PR practitioner Jennifer Zawadzinski (whose firm reps Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook).

Before I share the highlights, I need to disclose I FORGOT my dreamy camera and all pics captured with my iPhone.  Yes, this can be done (and better than below), check out this tour of the White House by acclaimed photog Brooks Kraft – White House Tour with an iPhone 6 for some great tips!


Forest Home Media, Governor's Residence Tour, Nashville, TN

Forest Home Media hosted Carmen Johnston, Carmen Johnston Gardens, Jennifer Zawadzinski, NYC PR rep, with Nashville Entertainment Journalist Kelly Sutton for a visit to the Governor’s Residence and tour with First Lady Crissy Haslam, middle, with FHM Partner Nancy McNulty, second to right! We chose our favorite tree, located on the sun porch, themed to all things East TN wonderful.

Years ago as a state agency spokesman and member of the governor’s information staff, I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful home regularly and I was SO happy to see the integrity of the property and the beauty of the home as been nonpartisan-ly maintained over the years.

Stepping into the foyer of the Georgian-style home, the checkerboard foyer always makes me SO happy. The staircase is wrapped with garland, and, throughout the downstairs area, there are multiple trees decorated for Christmas including ones representing Middle, West and East Tennessee. Even though I’m Middle Tennessee born and bred, the East Tennessee tree was my fav.


Forest Home Media, PR Field Trip To TN Governor's Residence, Nashville, TN

The Georgian style Governor’s Residence sits majestically off Franklin Road, south of Nashville.


Forest Home Media, TN Governor's Residence, Nashville, TN

Forest Home Media, TN Governor's Residence, Nashville, TN

Dickson, Tennessee ornament artist Jim Marvin’s work was on full display and no rest for me until I have some of his holiday work. Nationally recognized, love knowing that the “Tennessee Christopher Radko” has an outlet just down the road from our Forest Home office.

Forest Home Media, TN Governor's Residence, Nashville, TN

Forest Home Media, Dining Room, TN Governor's Residence, Nashville, TN


The First Lady gave us a magical tour. We were all so impressed by the measures she’s taken launching school field trips, cultivating a garden with the harvest used for dinner parties and the way in which she has graciously embraced the wonder of Tennessee and displayed it in this beautiful home. We stepped outside for the tour of the garden while reporter Kelly Sutton interviewed the First Lady here for Williamson Source.


Garden Lifestyle Expert & Southern Living Contributing Editor Carmen Johnston visit the garden at the Governor's Residence in Nashville with Forest Home Media.

Garden Lifestyle Expert Carmen Johnston visited the gardens of the Tennessee Governor’s Residence as a guest of Forest Home Media.


Forest Home Media, TN Governor's Residence, Nashville, TN


Forest Home Media, TN Governor's Residence Garden, Nashville, TN

Ornamental Peacock Kale and white kale in the garden of the TN Governor’s Residence. No, we didn’t recognize these. Our thanks to Tommy Johnston, Woodruff’s Chief Grower and hubs of Carmen Johnston.

The First Lady is heading up a green house construction project on the 10-acre estate. We can’t wait to visit again to see project complete. The Governor’s Residence is a Tennessee wonder and be sure to tour if you get a chance. More info here!

And before the tour is complete, there has to be a Nashville celebrity sighting! This vintage pic of Elvis Presley caught our eye.  The First Lady shared a charming story that Elvis dated the daughter of Governor Buford Ellington for two years and visited the residence bowling on the top floor bowling alley – what?! This little known story was backed-up when the flooring was removed to reveal a bowling alley.  Part of the floor is framed here as well as a cute pic of the young couple!

Forest Home Media, section of a bowling alley in TN Governor's Residence, Nashville, TN

Forest Home Media, Elvis Presley picture, TN Governor's Residence, Nashville, TN


Forest Home Media has just completed the uber successful Kings’ Chapel Parade of Homes outside Nashville. To stay up on the our latest adventures and to find out how you can be a part – connect with us on Facebook! 

Home Blogger Meet Up at Nashville Parade of Homes

Are you a Home Blogger? Do you want to join us for an exclusive preview of the Nashville Area Parade of Homes? We are hosting a Hometalk Home Blogger Meet Up -High Tea and sneak peek on Wednesday, December 3rd from 12 noon to 3pm at Kings’ Chapel Community in Arrington, TN. High Tea will be prepared by on site executive chef Brian Cochrane and the free event is sponsored by Kirklands.

Home Blogger Meet Up

Nashville Parade of Homes- Blogger High Tea Invitation

Four rock star home bloggers will be taking to the Kings’ Chapel Parade of Homes site to weave their Do-It-Yourself (DIY) magic on a child’s wishes Christmas tree as part of Nashville’s premier home tour open daily December 6-21, with the trees benefiting Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee, and in partnership with the national Hometalk social network and Nashville’s StyleBlueprint.

Prior to the parade opening, on Wednesday, December 3, home bloggers Kristie Barnett, TheDecorolgist, Jenna LaFevor, RainOnATinRoof, Lesley Warren, ChaoticallyCreative, and KariAnne Wood, ThistlewoodFarms, are participating in a Blogger DIY Christmas Tree Challenge themed to children’s actual wishes for an invitation only event which includes a private sneak peek tour of the four parade homes and a Blogger High Tea Meet Up being hosted by Kirkland’s home décor store.

With a budget of $500 and gorgeous trees donated by Balsam Hill, the bloggers have taken on the wishes of four children with life-threatening medical conditions whose wishes are the circus, fashion model, Greece and the Grammys. The bloggers are turning them into themed Christmas trees which will be part of an on-going silent auction during the parade benefiting Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee.

After the bloggers install their trees into the four parade homes on December 3, at noon, sneak peek tours will be given followed up by a Blogger High Tea Meet Up at the scenic Kings’ Chapel Clubhouse with food provided by on-site chef, Brian Cochrane.

Kings’ Chapel Developer John Powell said home lifestyle bloggers will be given the unique opportunity to view the homes prior to it opening to the public on Saturday, December 6 and meet these incredibly talented women.

“With four builders and designers working hard to pack the parade homes with spectacular array of great home ideas, this is the first time bloggers have been invited to share their talents while offering the blogger community a behind-the-scenes look at the parade houses,” Powell said. “Our Kings’ Chapel team is committed to funding the wishes of four children, so this DIY blogger event will also ultimately benefit the kids of Make-A-Wish when the bloggers’ trees are auctioned off.”

The 2014 holiday Parade of Homes at Kings’ Chapel includes the following builder, designer and blogger teams: Arnold Homes LLC and Julie McCoy Interiors with home blogger, The Decorologist and a Greece-themed tree; Drees Homes and Design Environments Inc. with home blogger; Rain On A Tin Roof and a Grammy-themed tree; Gregg & Rains Building Group and ReFresh Home with home blogger, Thistlewood Farms and a circus-themed tree; and, Tennessee Valley Homes building and design with home blogger, Chaotically Creative, and a model-themed tree.

With a limited number of spots and by reservation only, the cost-free Blogger High Tea Meet Up is on December 3 from noon until 3 p.m. at the Parade of Homes, Kings’ Chapel community, Arrington, Tennessee just south of Nashville. For more information and to reserve your spot, please fill out the contact form below.

Packed with gazillions of building and decorating ideas, the Parade of Homes returns for the holidays to the gorgeous, gated community of Kings’ Chapel in Arrington, just south of Nashville, for the city’s premier home tour open daily from December 6-21 from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. with the last ticket sold at 7 p.m.  Presented by Reliant Bank and LP Building Products, the Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee event benefits benefits Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee. Tickets are available online and at the gate – $12 for entry with ages 12 and under free. The 16-day home tour also features 12 Days of Christmas, Parade of Homes related activities, from Deck The Halls with Southern Living Lifestyle Garden Editor Carmen Johnston and a Santa’s Workshop to a Mother/Daughter High Tea and ends with a historical rendition of a Civil War Era Christmas sermon at the onsite chapel dating to 1804. Look for a full schedule of events and ticket information at KingsChapelLife.

Blogger High Tea RSVP

Nashville Bloggers Weekend turns into a Media Event

One of the best parts of our jobs in marketing and public relations is working with and developing friendships with home and lifestyle bloggers and members of the media. Forest Home Media recently hosted a Nashville Bloggers weekend getaway with some of our favorite bloggers and media peeps and it turned into quite the social media and traditional media news story.

Nashville Bloggers Weekend

It all started on Friday morning with our first phase of early arrivers. FHM partner Nancy McNulty booked an interview for Rhoda from Southern Hospitality Blog on WSMV’s midday show with charming host, Kacy Hagerty. Rhoda Southern Hospitality TV interview

Rhoda shared her top tips for starting a blog. Believe it or not, it was Rhoda’s first television interview and she was a natural. (Nancy also ushered former editor of Southern Living Lindsay Bierman through his first live interview as well!) Next, Rhoda, blogger Heidi Rew and Tennessean columnist/blogger Angela Folds headed over with Nancy to visit on set with Talk of the Town Anchor Meryll Rose. There were lots of great photos taken and social media posts.

on set with Meryll Rose

Meryll Rose, Rhoda Vickers, Angela Folds, Heidi Rew

The trendy lunch spot, Pinewood Social, was chosen from Southern Living Magazine Deputy Editor Jennifer Cole’s top 100 Southern restaurants! Check out her yumminess on Instagram.  This event was very well documented by all on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Here is a behind the scenes photo of what lunch with a bunch of bloggers and media types REALLY looks like.

Nashville Home bloggers lunch at Pinewood Social

Rhoda Vickers- Southern Hospitality Blog, Heidi Rew- Parties for Pennies- Beth Bryan- Unskinny Boppy

We got in a little shopping with social media and blog coverage for Scarlett Scales Antiques, The Barn, PD’s, Serenite Maison and The Nashville Flea Market.

Shopping at the Nashville Flea Market

Shopping at the Nashville Flea Market

We arranged a surprise for the group. We invited them all to watch the on-air giveaway of the HGTV Smart Home built by Forest Home Media client, Carbine & Associates, FROM THE ACTUAL SMART HOME. Sitting on the Smart Home furniture and watching on the super smart TVs, they gave the show great live social media coverage.

HGTV Smart Home Giveaway Viewing Party

HGTV Smart Home Giveaway Viewing Party

They were also the first ones to break the news that the winner was taking a cash buyout and the HGTV Smart Home was available for sale- fully furnished- for $950,000. The house sold within 24 hours of hitting the MLS – thanks to their help in getting the word out.

The whole group (minus KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms) met up for a fabulous garden to table dinner at the home of Meryll Rose.

Dinner at Meryll Rose's home- Photo by Beth Bryan

Dinner at Meryll Rose’s home- Photo by Beth Bryan

Her house created quite the buzz. She and husband Dan have only been in the home for 6 months but have finished a complete gut and remodel of their Brentwood Home. One of our bloggers, Brandy Adams had been in the home for an estate sale 6 1/2 months prior and could not believe it was the same home. Meryll and Dan had previously been in the house flipping business, so this was not their first rodeo. Well done guys!!!

Nancy, hosted a lovely dinner in her beautiful home and was also weekend hostess to 1/2 of our guests.

Blogger dinner at Nancy McNulty's home

Blogger dinner at Nancy McNulty’s home

We were thrilled to be joined by Southern Living Garden Lifestyle Expert Carmen Johnston who brought the most decadent mini pound cakes for dessert served with farm fresh Peach Truck peaches. Wow!!

A stop off in Leipers Fork, lunch at Joe’s Naturals and breakfast the next day at The Loveless Cafe was completed with a celebrity sighting- No Less!! We ran into Larry Gatlin and he very graciously posed with our group for photos.

Nashville Bloggers Breakfast at Loveless Cafe and Larry Gatlin

Nashville Bloggers Breakfast at Loveless Cafe and Larry Gatlin

What trip to Nashville would be complete without a visit to lower Broadway?

Nashville Bloggers Honkey Tonkin

Nashville Bloggers Honkey Tonkin- Heidi Rew, Rhoda Vickers, Dana Tucker, Beth Bryan, Heather Patterson

We squeezed through the incessant string of bachelor and bachelorette parties to make our way into Tootsies, Legends, Layla’s Bluegrass Inn and The Stage. Whew!!!

Special thanks to Carmen Johnston who brought beautiful container gardens for the whole group!!

Container Gardens for the group from Carmen Johnston Gardens

Container Gardens for the group from Carmen Johnston Gardens

Angela Folds did a great job of documenting our weekend adventures in this story in the Williamson AM.

Nancy Mueller wrote a lovely story on the HGTV house being for sale.

Watch Rhoda from Southern Hospitality on WSMV.

Blogger, Rhoda Vickers wrote 2 blog posts about the Nashville weekend. Part 1 and Part 2

Here is Heidi Rew’s account of her Nashville adventure.

Beth from Unskinny Boppy did a fun re-cap of the weekend.

Beth and Rhoda also wrote features on my house :) :) Rhoda’s Feature  Beth’s Feature

Also joining us for the weekend fun were: Heather Patterson from At the Pickett Fence, Kristie Barnett from The Decorologist, KariAnne  Wood from Thistlewood Farms, Lesley and Denise from Chaotically Creative and Brandy Adams from Make + Model. 

So, that my friends is how you turn a Girls’ Weekend into a media event. Schedule fun activities, throw in a client event, add the MOST fun, media savvy friends, a celebrity sighting and you’ve got a “winning weekend.”


Hampton Designer Showhouse Home Tour

As home lifestyle industry PR/marketers, staying up on the latest in home design and building is a must. Recently, I had the chance to tour ,with my PR colleague, Jennifer Zawadzinski, the uber chic, idea-filled 2014 Hampton Designer Showhouse in Bridgehampton, New York, benefiting Southampton Hospital and presented by Traditional Home magazine and open daily through September 1. (Note, the home tour allowed visitors mobile phone pics only.) Hampton Designer Showhouse Tour, Forest Home Media, Nashville, TN Hampton Designer Showhouse Tour, Forest Home Media, Nashville, TN So JZ’s first observation was how do you harness the creative talent of over 25 top interior designers into one beautiful home that makes sense. After being part of the PR team for the 2011 Nashville Southern Living Showcase Home, built by top Nashville builder, Castle Homes, I knew this could be accomplished with a smart person at the helm. On the day of our August tour, we lucked upon meeting this diplomat and design powerhouse who helped shepherd designers through the process, Greg McKenzie, of Greg McKenzie Design.

Nancy McNulty, Greg McKenzie, Hampton Designer Showhouse, Forest Home Media, Nashville, TN

FHM Partner Nancy McNulty with Hampton showhouse designer Greg McKenzie. Visit his website or  Facebook page for a true look at his dreaminess.

McKenzie served as the project design team coordinator and also created the gorgeous library and laundry room. He’s a repeat contributor to the Hampton Designer Showhouse brand.

Hampton Designer Showhouse, Library Mirror, Forest Home Media, Nashville, TN

Killer library vignette includes embroidered grasscloth & antiqued mirror from Guastavo Olivieri Antiques.

The stunning, shingle home was built by Paramount Custom Homes. Their quality and detail was impressive and spectacular, but, P.S. fellows, you are amazing builders and need new head shots, like yesterday, which reflect the multimillion-dollar amazingness of your home. Certainly, Paramount has a plethora of signature building elements, but, one must-see is incorporating the wine room into the dining space. Convenience and art are merged as a great way to display a collection. A Montauk privacy fence also uses this same idea for an art installation – pictured below as well. We saw this chandelier early in our Hampton visit at Gansett Lane Home which I chronicled on Instagram. The three-tiered piece reflects the cluster of three-dining tables for awesome symmetry and cool continuity!

Hampton Designer Showhouse, Forest Home Media, Nashville, TN

Wine room is woven into the dining room design of the 2014 Hampton Designer Showhouse.

Hampton privacy fence with art, Forest Home Media, Nashville, TN   Here are some of my favorite design elements of the home. Pops of color are the key to inviting and memorable design. Many of the rooms had a soothing palette of Farrow & Ball in muted tones with vivid use of lime green, orange and navy creating a most memorable impression. Forest Home Media seeks to incorporate this technique in photos used for magazine covers and newspaper centerpieces. And, think about it, you achieve that beautiful creamy, dreamy palette  and then you can change your setting with a pop of color as the season and whim suits you.

Hampton Designer Showhouse Kitchen, Forest Home Media, Nashville, TN

An impressive carrera marble island dominates the kitchen with delicious lime accent pieces.

Carrera marble is still king in the kitchen. The home has a sensuous slab of marble, and, yes, I had to drag my hand across the waterfall edge. Farrow & Ball’s “Comforth White” No. 288 in Estate Emulsion is the palette for the room with a yummy shade of lime woven throughout the accessories and generous banquette. Design of the space is credited to Gary Ciuffo, Ciuffo Cabinetry. Hampton Designer Showhouse, Forest Home Media, Nashville, TN Trends I loved include lacquer, high-gloss finish on most of the cabinetry and on several pieces throughout the home including the bar below. The cleanliness of this finish always calls to me. Hampton Designer Showhouse, Forest Home Media, Nashville, TN Hampton Designer Showhouse, Forest Home Media, Nashville, TN And, must give a shout out to our 2013 Southern Living Idea House decorator Phoebe Howard. After working with her on this project, also built by Castle Homes, expectation was for a light, airy, inviting space and Howard did not disappoint with her bedroom’s use of Farrow & Ball “Skylight” No. 205 in Estate Emulsion. Hampton Designer Showhouse, Forest Home Media, Nashville, TN If you’d like, follow my adventures on Instagram, Twitter and our Forest Home Media Facebook page. In December, Forest Home Media will be coordinating PR for Nashville’s premier home tour, the Parade of Homes, which returns to the bucolic Arrington neighborhood of Kings’ Chapel, just south of Nashville. Stay tuned, and, if you are a home lifestyle industry writer and would like to be on our blog or media roll for this event, drop us a note. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

Home Tour: The Dreamy Headquarters of partner Dana Tucker

By: Cat Royka, Forest Home Media Summer 2014 Intern

Forest Home Media Partner Home Tour

Walking into Forest Home Media partner Dana Tucker’s house on day two of my summer internship began with a home tour of Bella Vista nestled in the historic Forest Home area of Williamson County.  As a Nashville-area PR/marketing company specializing in the home lifestyle industry, Dana’s homestead is a snapshot into her portfolio for her other business, Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes.

Immediately I fell in love with Bella Vista (the name of her home). Every inch has some creative or unique touch different from one room to the next. In many homes, people just decorate and put lots of effort into one or two rooms: Dana’s takes pride in making sure every room gets the proper attention and unique flair it deserves.

Working from her home office has been such a treat because it is absolutely beautiful and so full of character! She and her husband Brooks, have their own company called Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes, which specializes in decorative finishes adding their artistic touch to cabinets, ceilings and just about anything related to home decor! They have definitely used their design abilities all throughout their home. I could rave all day about the many home aspects I love, but here are my top three!

Home Office

First, the home office walls are aligned with wide windows overlooking the deck and pool with skylight windows along the roof offering lots of natural light – perfect if stuck inside all day because you still get the feeling of being able to enjoy the outdoors. A beautiful wood desk sits underneath a decorative, crystal chandelier and across sits two vintage, velvet armchairs. Not afraid to mix and match patterns, two lamps on the desk are white with thin, multi-colored, red, yellow and blue stripes. Thinking this could clash with the Ikat patterned armchair pillows or geometric print rug, it works perfectly! Dana is such a bold designer and I love that about her style and home office look. This room has inspired me not to be afraid to mix and match my favorite patterns or colors!

The funky and colorful patterns give the Forest Home Media office a cheery vibe.


Natural light fills the FHM office providing a little “escape” to the outdoors.

The Kitchen

Next, the kitchen left me fascinated. As an avid baker and cook, spacious kitchens fill me with happy envy! Opening to a dining area, the kitchen has clean, sleek, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and a china cabinet with collected pieces some from Nashville blogger Brandy Adams’ Make + Model’s Pop Up Shop. Framed and hanging on the kitchen wall are a series of her grandmother’s recipes creating sentimental original artwork which I plan to emulate some day! Recipes include Mandarin Orange Cake, Harrison’s Fruit Cake and Mississippi Mud Cake, which I’ll be making soon and included the recipe below.

A creative way to display your favorite recipes. This is one of my favorite elements in Dana's kitchen.

A creative way to display your favorite recipes, this is one of my favorite elements in Dana’s kitchen.

With a bold and definitive style, kitchen walls are painted silver metallic (Modern Master metallic and Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray), which shines and brightens the kitchen.  Speaking of brightening, unique kitchen lighting includes a West Elm capiz shell light and pretty pendants hang from the ceiling of faux pressed tin. Check out Bella Tucker’s most popular blog & Pinterest post here for the details.

The “Amazing Grey” paint and shell chandelier make the kitchen and dining area shine.

Screened Porch

Finally, my favorite part of the house would have to be the screened-in porch, located beneath the deck and next to the pool affectionately known as the “Outdoor Office.” With a custom created swing bed (made by Brooks and Dana) inspired by the Traditional Home magazine house built by FHM client, Carbine & Associates. With a dreamy blue and green theme, two lounge chairs complete the room. To beat the southern heat, a ceiling fan helps family, friends and interns! enjoy the summer outdoors. It is the perfect spot to grab a book and cup of coffee and just relax.

I’ll so miss working in her beautiful home as I finish my PR degree at Virginia Tech, but head over to my Pinterest board to keep up with my favorite home, food and travel adventures!

Mississippi Mud Cake Recipe

1 1/2 cups flour
2 cups sugar
2 Tbs cocoa
1 can of coconut
1 1/2 cups chopped pecans
2 sticks melted butter
4 eggs
1 tsp vanilla

1. Mix all ingredients together
2. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes
3. While hot, spread marshmallow cream
4. Enjoy!