History of Social Media Infographic

One of our favorite resources at Forest Home Media  for content marketing is Copyblogger. They had an amazing infographic today of the history of Social Media. I thought this was a great visual history of how social media started, evolved and sparked other start up ideas. What surprised me was the inclusion of Carly Fleischmann’s blog Carly’s Voice on their timeline.

Photo from Carly’s Voice the blog of Carly Fleischmann.

Carly is a non verbal young woman with autism. At thirteen years old, her parents discovered that she could express her thoughts by typing on a keyboard. She has gone on to write her popular blog, a book, is very active on social media and is an inspiration for families around the globe who have loved ones with autism who are non verbal. She is leading a movement to redefine this silent group of people. They are in there, they are smart, they are loving, they have dreams and goals, they have feeling and heartaches, they are fighting to be heard. I know. My son Zane has autism, and is non verbal. Thank you to Carly for inspiring my family to push through with Zane. We have been encouraged by your success and Zane is now typing independently on an iPad. We have a long way to go, but we have a great role model to follow. Thank you to Copyblogger for including a very important person in the world of autism on your history of social media infographic.
A History of Social Media [Infographic] - Infographic
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