Google + Why you should be there in a big way

The new social network from Google, Google + created quite a stir in the media following its launch last July. All the experts in Search Engine Optimization are heralding Google + as the future of social networks. In fact, actively engaging on Google + can offer a sure fire way to help your website and blog content get indexed and validated with the world’s largest search engine, Google. So, what exactly is Google +? Check out this video.

If you think you have all of your bases covered with Facebook and Twitter you might be surprised to learn some of the benefits  of active engagement on Google +: (summarized from our guest post on Fauxology)

  • Google bots are constantly navigating posts on Google + looking for relevant content to serve up to its Search Engine.
  • Google is not indexing “Tweets”, “LinkedIn” posts or “Facebook” status updates. Google IS indexing public posts on Google +.
  • Social signals are already influencing Google’s search results. It is predicted that in the future of SEO, social connections might be more important than gathering links.
  • Pages and blog posts shared on Google + are crawled and indexed by Google’s search engine very quickly (under an hour in most cases) This could take months to happen otherwise.
  • Adding a +1 button on your website or blog gives people an opportunity to VOTE for your content with Google showcasing your validity and relevancy.
  • Setting up and saving customized searches for your business name and keywords on Google + offer excellent “listening” tools for your business, category and industry.

Google + offers you the vehicle and the technology but it is up to you to tell your unique story in a way that is engaging and interesting.  Just like any other social network, Google + is a relationship building tool. People do business with people they know and trust. Invest the  time to listen, comment, get to know people and share. It will provide huge rewards. Ready to start? You can “CIRCLE FOREST HOME MEDIA HERE”.  Need help with your social media strategy? We’d love to help. Contact us HERE.


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